Dosbarth Tregaron

Class Information

Croeso i Dosbarth Tregaron! Mrs Williams and Ms Beckles ydw i.

Tregaron is a mixed class of 20 pupils who are both Year 3 and Year 4.  We work to the best of our abilities as individuals and strive to be the best that we can be.  We respect each other and work together to ensure that everyone in our class feels happy and ready to learn.

We are working hard on our independent skills in Tregaron, ensuring that we are taking responsibility for our own learning.  We are a hardworking group who are very supportive of each other – we want to see everyone reach their targets and succeed at all aspects of school life.

We enjoy learning both indoors and outdoors and are lucky enough to have access to the outdoors direct from our classroom.  We also enjoy using the Timber trail during our breaktimes.  We are looking forward to the year ahead, working together and ensuring that we all succeed.

Home Learning

• Reading – daily reading of your school library book or your own book is encouraged.  Your school library book and own book can be changed weekly .

• Learning Challenge – given on a Thursday to be completed by the following Monday. Work is presented in Homework books or on Google Classroom, originality and creativity are encouraged.

• Spellings – spellings should be practised regularly at home.  Spelling words are written into diaries weekly and posted on Google classroom.

• Mathletics – Maths activities are set on a Monday via Mathletics and points can be earned until Sunday evening 7.00. They always reflect classroom learning and should be practised at home regularly.

• Question of the Week – a question is posted on Google Classroom every Thursday to encourage family discussion. Responses are then returned via Google Classroom.

• Our current Reading, Writing, Oracy and Numeracy targets are recorded in the back of our diaries. These should be practised as much as possible throughout the week.


Key Dates