Dosbarth Hebron

Class Information

Croeso I Dosbarth Hebron! Mrs Hill ydw i.

Hebron is a mixed class of 24 Year 5 children. Many of us enjoy a variety of hobbies and sports in our spare time such as karate, gymnastics, swimming, football and many more. We enjoy coming to school and learning new things. We pride ourselves on being a resilient class, always willing to have a go even when things are a bit tricky, we are ready to face the challenges ahead of us. We also hold high the qualities of being a kind, caring and polite class, united in helping one another to reach our goals. It’s always busy in Hebron as we have high expectations of ourselves and try hard to produce work to be proud of but it’s also a place to have fun too.

We are looking forward to our journey ahead together into Year 5.

Home Learning

  • Reading – daily reading of your school library book or your own book is encouraged.
  • Home Learning Challenge – usually given on a Wednesday to be completed by the following Monday. Work is presented on sheets to be glued into relevant topic books, or on Google Classroom, originality and creativity are encouraged.
  • Spellings – we record 10 spellings in our diaries on a Friday and you will need practice them regularly at home ready for our Friday test.
  • Mathletics – Maths activities are given each week via Mathletics. They always reflect classroom learning and should be practised at home regularly. In addition we have our weekly Numeracy Around the World Targets to practice, which we also have a test on Friday.
  • Question of the Week – a question is posted on Google Classroom each week to encourage family discussion. Responses are then returned via Google Classroom.
  • All homework activities are recorded in our Home School Diaries as well as our current Reading, Writing, Oracy and Numeracy targets. These should be practised as much as possible throughout the week.


Key Dates